Thursday, March 1, 2012

Mom and Daughter Crepe Paper Projects

When you first present the idea to your daughter about making crepe paper projects with her, she may turn her nose up at the idea thinking she is too old to play with colored paper and make things. Teenage girls are a unique group of individuals. Of course it would be nice if it were a hobby both of you could do together but do not despair if she rejects that idea at first. Teenage girls are independent and may fear your "advice" will ruin the project. Although we are certain she will have plenty of ideas of things to make, we will share a few project ideas with you just in case.

Flowers - Of course, that does not take much imagination. Crepe paper flowers are the most popular project when using crepe paper and most girls like flowers and will enjoy creating centerpieces for their rooms.

Journals - are a great idea. She will need either a notebook that can be covered in the colorful paper and decorated however she likes or she can use loose leaf notebook paper and make her own journal from scratch.

Cell phone charms - made out of little flower(s) or any object she is creative enough to make out of paper. She will just need a string of some kind to attach it to her phone.

Book marks - If she likes to read the book markers can be a perfect paper project.

Aside from flowers, she can make all sorts of things to decorate her bedroom. Such as hearts, stars, a collage with all her friends pictures in it, a sign for her door, pom-poms made from her school colors even little fairies can be made with the help of a few other craft supplies.

Gifts - Do not be surprised if she makes you a crepe paper gift or starts making them for her friends. Once you get started making the pretty paper projects it is hard to stop!

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