Thursday, October 27, 2011

Why My Daughter Would Not Be Reading Twilight

Stephanie Meyer's Twilight was made popular because of its unique love story between a human, Isabella Swan with a vampire, Edward Cullen. The background was lacking and the characters in the book felt two-dimensional. Isabella Swan, nicknamed Bella, is the main character in the Twilight series. She moved from Phoenix, Arizona to a tiny town of Forks in Washington. It became clear Isabella Swan is a character who is just stubborn. Stephanie Meyer also made Isabella accident prone and impulsive, but forgot to infuse the character with traits and most importantly, a dream. Her lack of plans for her own future concerns me, because it is important for people to have a dream in their lives.

In New Moon, the second book of the series, Bella Swan tried to chase Edward Cullen's shadows by attempting dangerous activities. It was when Bella did cliff-jumping I was wondering what Stephanie Meyer trying to teach her readers, be reckless and suicidal so you can see your ex-boyfriend? Now that the series is made into a series of movies, it would influence a young person's mind. If I am a parent, the thought of my loved one going on a wild ride with a complete stranger would put me in a coma.

Further down the track to Breaking Dawn, we touch upon Bella's pregnancy after her marriage with Edward. I was not surprised about the lack of interest in werewolves until later in the book, it was obvious the fight was not intended to happen in the first place.

Lastly, love at first sight? It is very disturbing how Jacob imprints, a werewolf term for falling in love, on baby Renesmee when she was born. Though love at sight considered romantic, but no matter how fast a child grows, I think it is still pedophilic, because she may be grown up physically, one might ask how much did she grow mentally? Scary thought.

In summary, I think Stephanie Meyer had created a bad role model in the Twilight series, Isabella Swan. She is the image whom I will not like my child to be, and I think that her mother would be disappointed when she finds out that her daughter does not have a dream for the future, dumps her friends for good when she falls in love, turns reckless when dumped and becomes too trusting to the point of suicide.

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