Monday, July 11, 2011

4 Ways Your Daughter Makes It Really Hard to Say No (And What You Can Do About It)

Sometimes the answer is no.

It has to be, if we are going to protect our daughters. This is not the fun part of being a parent.

There she is standing in front of you in her mature grown up body. You can trust her. She has it under control. She's so convincing. Girls get desperate when it comes to love. They still believe in the Disney love story. They are on a quest to find Prince Charming especially since they had to suffer the humiliation of Valentine's Day without a boyfriend. But you are afraid "Prince Charming" is really a vampire in disguise who is ready to take her innocence from her. And you may be right.

I am not saying this to instill fear, but to keep you wide awake. It takes energy to stay on top of your daughter's social life. Believe me your daughter has plenty of energy to scheme, plan and push to see Prince Charming.

4 Ways Your Daughter Makes It Really Hard To Say No. 1. She'll try to intimidate you through her anger

Belittle you, "You are a horrible mother."
Threaten you. "Then I won't go to church anymore. I won't study. Curse you "You think you're so f-ing perfect."
Yell and throw things
Argue Argue Argue

* Her point: If you are scared she is going to go ballistic, you will say yes

2. She'll mope

She will lie in bed and avoid you. She will try to look as unhappy and pathetic as possible when she eats dinner with you. You say "what's the matter?" She looks out the window and says, "Nothing."

Mothers hate to see our daughters unhappy. It's easy to cave in and say, "Just this time."

Her point: You are ruining her life so you better say yes.

3. She'll be sweet

4. She'll sound reasonable

Calmly your daughter asks if you can talk. You are used to her blowing a gasket and are thrown off with her mature approach. The conversation goes like this. "Mom, really, why can't I go to the party? Mom, I can take care of myself. If it is bad, I will text you. You really can trust me."

She sounds so mature you feel bad for saying no.

Her point: I am being reasonable, if you don't say yes you are being completely unreasonable.

Your daughter is clear and can be very convincing when you are in front of her, especially when she is desperate. She will try to push you to make a decision before you have thought through it. Often this is the first time you are getting the information and you haven't had time to process it. Take a break and check in with yourself. Do you feel at peace with your decision? Are you going against your rules and guidelines that you have already established?

Trust your intuition. Do you need more information to be clear? Are the parents going to be home? Then take action and get their phone number.

You can always change your decisions. Remember your job is to protect her.

2. Stay clear of the drama

Again girls are drama queens when a boy is involved.

Stay clear of her drama.

When you react to her drama, you lose your power and your clarity. You don't have to answer her accusations. They are absurd anyway. "You hate all my friends." When she is upset she will not be able to take in your mother lecture.

Take a break and wait till she is calm.

This is why God created texting.

Texting is a great way to stay clear of the drama. It allows you to communicate about tough issues and escape much of the drama.

3. Get support

If you say no, your daughter is not going to be happy with you. When she is in full force drama she will make your life miserable, especially if she attacks or threatens you with her words.

This is a time you need support.

If you listen to your daughter's logic you won't know what end is up. It helps to bounce your decisions off a sane adult who will say "yes you make sense and you are making a good decision." Your daughter will make you feel like you are the only mother on the planet who is so protective.

Bring in your partner for support. Call a friend or supportive family member who will listen and help you calm down. Have a friend pray for your daughter. Maybe you need advice. If you are really concerned seek professional help.

Bottom line - you don't have to do it alone.

4. Congratulate yourself for being a good mom

It's easy to give in to your daughter and it's hard to maintain a boundary or rule and say no. If she is unhappy with you great! You are powering your parenting when you clearly say no.

Congratulations! You are a wonderful mom. Thank you for protecting your daughter.

This will not ruin her life. You are protecting her life.

It is good to have a little space from your daughter after you have told her no. Your daughter thinks you are out to ruin her life but of course that is not true. You want your daughter to be happy and you want her to be protected.

If you had to say no, is there any way you can say yes?

This way you have turned the 'no' around into an opportunity for a 'yes.' Then, it's your daughters decision, if it's a 'no' or a 'yes.'

***Don't feel bad if you have caved in with your daughter. Colleen O'Grady encourages and empowers women to live their highest and best life. From her coaching programs to her one of a kind therapy sessions, she has helped hundreds of women and teenage girls uncover their true purpose in life, create more happiness, and move to a place of inner peace. Colleen knows that everyone can create this kind of life.

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