Monday, March 19, 2012

How a Father Can Mould His Daughter

Fathers are a sense of security to a family. Girls on the other hand view their fathers as the most trusted male person in their lives. Loving and caring. Studies show that within the first 12 years of their lives, girls get 90% of their self-esteem from the relationship with their dad. It is strongly encouraged that fathers maintain this perspective in order for their daughters to have a balance in life.

Men and women are structured differently. A girl has all the traits of her mother in her own dimension. She wants to be loved, appreciated and complimented. She needs attention from the opposite sex and will get to an age of seeking after it if she does not receive it. A father being the first male the girl trusts can divert the energy of attention seeking in girls by playing a "safe male role." Within this role, the father will be doing a few of the things expected of a male gender to a female gender, yet in a conscious state of mind of a father to a daughter relationship.

Fathers need to appreciate how their daughters look and conduct themselves. Negative comments on appearance have a damaging effect on their self-esteem. Repeating compliments and loving statements will boost your daughters self-esteem and she will feel secure; so much that, nothing later in life can put her down. Some men have the tendency of winning a fight with a woman by attacking the woman's self-esteem. Fate may have it that your daughter falls into the arms of a man such as this. If this girl had grown up with a father praising and encouraging her, she will not easily have her self-esteem crushed which may cause serious psychological effects. Your daughter will have a chance to pull through the situation.

Daddy, why not be the first one to date your little girl, before that teenage boy comes along? How much do we know about our daughters as fathers? Remember this girl has all along viewed you as a person of the opposite sex that she trusts; her hero. If we as fathers played the right role we can contribute in making society avoid unwanted pregnancies and broken homes. Many times the role of counseling a daughter has been left to the mother; yet fathers may be holding the key to a better tomorrow for families.

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